Welcome to Ready, Aim, Hired - Survival Tactics for Job & Career Transition

Congratulations!   You have just been promoted to President of a company called My Career. You must immediately take charge of your company and make sure it is headed in the right direction. To accomplish this, you must strike a balance between your fiscal, family and search responsibilities. Follow the guides in this book. Do the exercises. Work Hard, Play Hard!

In our national newsletter, The Gladiator, we remind our readers that they are in a contest. In this contest, the last person standing wins. Will your company, My Career, be the last company standing? You can and will, if you follow the tactics and exercises found in this book.

Read and implement the following rules daily. They are your roadmap to a successful job search and a prosperous career.

Don't forget, all of the resources you need to conduct a successful job search are as close as your computer. All you need to do is take the first step is to make the time and implement the steps outlined in this book and enjoy your job search campaign.

Good Luck!

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