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Welcome: MBA Students
Course: 4205 “Strategic Career Management”
University of Denver


Introduction to Stewart, Cooper & Coon

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Chapter 1 - Getting Started - Introduction To Ready Aim Hired

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   1    Conducting a Great Search     MP3
   2    Time Management   MP3
   3   Quantity of Activities    MP3

Chapter 2 - Who Are You?

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   4    Who You Are    MP3

Chapter 3 - Why Should They Hire You?

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   5       Are You a Problem Solver?       MP3
   6       Career History Exercise Explanation       MP3
   7       Share Stories & and Why They Should Hire You       MP3

Chapter 4 - The Resume

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   8       To Objective, or Not To Objective?       MP3
   9       Trite Cliches       MP3

Chapter 5 - Who Needs You?

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   10       Key Rule Reminders       MP3

Chapter 6 - Internet Research

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Chapter 7 - Securing The Interview

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   11       Dealing with Recruiters       MP3
   12       Fraternal and Trade Organizations Contacts       MP3
   13       The Pennies in Your Network       MP3
   14       Thoughts About Follow-Up Strategies       MP3

Chapter 8 - Controlling Your Interviews

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   15       How Much Money Did You Make Last Year?       MP3
   16       Use Your SHARE Stories       MP3
   17       Thoughts About Controlling the Interview       MP3
   18       The Reason They Should Hire You and Your Close       MP3
   19       What a SHARE Story Must Address       MP3
   20       No Perfect Offers       MP3
   21       Your Search Partner and Their Role in Decision Making       MP3

Chapter 9 - Behavioral Interviewing

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Chapter 10 - The Power of Words

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Chapter 11 - Leveraging New Media

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Chapter 13 - Post Employment Rules

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   22       A New Future and a New Chance For the Future       MP3

Chapter 14 - The 50+ Job Seeker

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   23       The Market is Changing - Older Workforce       MP3
   24       OK! You're Hired ... But Not Finished Yet       MP3


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