Search Partner's Rules Exercise 1.2.1

Life is tough and not always fair. These rules are also tough, but fair. Your significant other is undertaking a serious and relationship-challenging task. It will require their intense focus. It will require your cooperation. The goal of their search is to quickly find the job they want and money they deserve. This is a tough assignment for anyone. It is tougher if they aren't receiving your support. Your job is to provide feedback. That does not mean you need to always agree. Your job is to coach, discuss, encourage, motivate and help in whatever way you can. The end result makes economic sense and justifies the sacrifice on everyone's part. Each rule begins as follows: 'I will:'
  1. Participate in developing the weekly job search schedule.
  2. Conduct a formal discussion of the job search weekly.
  3. See only a half-full glass.
  4. Avoid complaining.
  5. Help my partner to accept rejection as 'just business'.
  6. Parallel the exercise and balanced diet routine of my partner.
  7. Maintain my sense of humor.
  8. See that she/he is involved with my family and friends weekly.
  9. Take consistent and meaningful actions every day to support my partner.
  10. See that my partner places blame squarely on him/her-self, never others.
  11. See that she/he completes a minimum of 40-50 job-hunting activities weekly.
  12. Read everything I can to support this search.
  13. Complete book exercises as appropriate.
  14. See that this list is posted on the bathroom mirror, home office wall, refrigerator door and the back of outside front door to our dwelling.
  15. My significant other will repeat to me at least once weekly:

         Starting today, I am in control of My:
              My Goals
              My Activity Level
              My Effectiveness
              My Schedule
              My Own Research
              My Job Change Strategy
              MY FUTURE

      Signed _____________________________________       Date _____________________________________      
      Witnessed By ________________________________       Date _____________________________________