25 Job Search Rules
Exercise 1.2 as taken from The Ready Aim Hired Series
Life is tough and not always fair. These rules are also tough, but fair. Before you begin your job search, think about what you must start doing to make your search meaningful. We strongly recommend you secure a 'search partner'. Select on who will listen to you during your search, who will discuss, not necessarily agree, with your search strategy and who will hold you accountable for implementing these rules. You must place these rules in the following locations: =>Bathroom Mirror =>;Refrigerator Door =>Back of Front Door =>Computer Monitor at Home =>Your briefcase =>Give on to your Search Partner ~~ You must also read this aloud weekly to your search partner.
  1. I will only see a half-full glass and have no 'stinkin' thinkin'.
  2. I will not waste time and will follow my weekly search schedule.
  3. I will not complain.
  4. I will be disciplined.
  5. I will not accept rejection as personal, just business.
  6. I will exercise and maintain a balanced diet.
  7. I will concern myself with those things over which I have direct control, and not those things over which I have no control.
  8. I will develop or maintain my sense of humor.
  9. I will involve my family and friends and keep them involved.
  10. I will respect myself and be kind to my family and friends.
  11. I will not expect the next job to fall into my lap. I will find it!
  12. I will not daydream my way into my next job.
  13. I will take consistent and meaningful actions every day.
  14. I will not place blame on others, only on myself.
  15. I will control my job change.
  16. I will complete a minimum of 40-50 job-hunting activities weekly.
  17. I will read everything I can to improve my position in this search.
  18. I will complete all book exercises.
  19. I will give myself permission to try.
  20. I will give myself permission to fail.
  21. I will give myself permission to ask for help.
  22. I will give myself permission to make mistakes.
  23. I will give myself permission to succeed!
  24. I will do my best at whatever task I attempt.
  25. I will repeat TO MYSELF EACH morning and EACH evening: "Starting today, I am in control of:
    • My Goals
    • My Activity Level
    • My Effectiveness
    • My Schedule
    • My Own Research
    • My Job Change Strategy