Analyzing a Job Offer Exercise 11.2
There is more to a meaningful job than just money. To make sure that you make a logical decision take the time to answer the following questions about the new position. After doing this, not only will you know if the company is right for you, but you will also have a clearer picture of how strongly to further negotiate your contract.

The Job Yes No
 1. Will I get along well with my boss? 
 2. Will I have more than one boss? 
 3. Do I clearly understand the nature of the work? 
 4. Do I know specifically what I will be doing?  
 5. Are my responsibilities reflected in my job title?  
 6. Is the position interesting and challenging?  
 7. Can I make final decisions affecting my work? 
 8. Will I get along with coworkers?  
 9. Will I need more training?  
 10. Will the company pay for it?  
 11. Will overtime be necessary?  
 12. Will travel create problems?  
 13. Will I need to relocate?  
 14. Will the company pay for relocation?  
 15. Is there reasonable job security?  
 16. Will I be proud to tell my friends what I do?  

  17. Could this job result in a significant promotion?  
  18. Will this job broaden / increase my background?  
  19. Can this job be a springboard to something better?  
  20. Does this job expose me to other opportunities?  
  21. Will I be visible to decision-makers?  
  22. How frequent are my performance reviews?  

The Company:
  23. Is the organization too large / rigid for my personality?  
  24. Is the organization too small to offer room for advancement or impressive credentials for a future resume?  
  25. Is a written personnel handbook available?  
  26. Is the company growing faster than its competitors?  
  27. Is the company's financial position healthy?  
  28. Is there a high turnover of personnel?  
  29. Is the company's location convenient?  
  30. Is the commuting time acceptable?  
  31. Is the physical setting acceptable?  
  32. If I relocate, will I like the lifestyle of the new location?  
  33. Does the firm have a reputation for treating its employees fairly?  
  34. Is the organization in a growth industry?  

Financial Rewards:
  35. Is the salary competitive?  
  36. If not, is it possible to get an early review and increase?  
  37. Do I clearly understand the method of payment?  
  38. Are raises based on merit, length of service, exams?  
  39. Is there health insurance?  
  40. Dental insurance?  
  41. Vision insurance?  
  42. Life insurance?  
  43. Retirement plan?  
  44. Paid membership dues?  
  45. Bonus?  
  46. Profit sharing?  
  47. Car allowance?  
  48. Are there an adequate number of vacation days?  
  49. Are there an adequate number of paid holidays?  
  50. Are there an adequate number of sick days?  
  51. Maternity leave?  
  52. Company car?  
  53. Clothing allowance?  
  54. Expense account?  
  55. Employer paid tuition?  
  56. Travel to conferences, conventions?  
  57. Subscriptions to professional and trade journals?  
  58. Stock purchase plan?  

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