Complete Life Balance Exercise 2.2

For eveything you have experienced in all parts of your life in the last year, check the box to the left.

Count up the total number of changes.

5 Or Less Changes
You are having an easy year. Congratulations!

6 Through 10 Changes
This year has been challenging; you might want to reassess your priorities

11 Or More Changes
Get help! You can't do this alone. If you're experiencing major changes in your career, slow down; don't react immediately.

  1. Professional
    Passed over
    Laid off or fired
    Company has re-engineered or is experiencing re-engineering
    Feel stuck
    Changed work hours or conditions

  2. Family
    Suffered death of spouse, family member or friend
    Family changes: adoption, birth, children moving in or out, newly married, divorced or separate
    Spouse's employment has changed

  3. Social Difficulties
    Changed social activity, dropped or added volunteering
    Had a falling-out with close personal relationship
    Experienced loss, theft or damage to personal property
    Involved in an accident

  4. Emotional and Mental Difficulties
    Increased Stress
    Procrastination in making decisions
    Losing interest in others

  5. Intellectual and Cultural Difficulties
    Started or stopped college
    Stopped reading or don't read books in your field
    Not involved in or not overly involved in outside activities
    Started or stopped a hobby
    Haven't taken a vacation this year
    Laughs are few and far between

  6. Financial and Economic Difficulties
    Major purchase
    Experienced business reversal or financial loss
    Change in personal finances

  7. Health
    Experienced illness or injury
    Stopped exercising
    Experienced weight gain or loss
    Experienced change in sleeping habits