Job Change Readiness Quiz Exercise 2.4
You must complete all of the questions before your score will be displayed.

  1. The last time you got a promotion you were pleased with was
    In your current position at your last review
    In your current company within the last two years
    In the last five years
    In your dreams

  2. If you were asked to describe your current boss, which of the following words most closely capture him/her?
    Best boss ever
    Difficult, little direction
    Has the charisma of a wet noodle

  3. How clear are your responsibilities in your current position?
    Very clear outline of responsibilities and expectations
    Some responsibilities and expectations are clear
    No boundaries at all; make things up along the way
    Are you kidding?

  4. Everyone tries his/her best to be polite and civil at work. Are you the same cooperative self when you get home from work or are you tired, irritable and hard to live with?
    I am rarely irritable, considering we all have good and bad days.
    Some irritability recently
    Tired, irritable and hard to live with
    I love to be irritable and don't mind irritating my family

  5. Does your contribution at work make a difference in the company?
    Absolutely, My job is important
    My work contributes at some level
    Not really
    I think my position could be eliminated

  6. Do you know what you would like to be doing in your career?
    I am doing exactly what I want to be doing
    I have many ideas but can't seem to narrow them down
    Yes, and this isn't it
    I've never known what I've wanted to do

  7. It's Sunday evening. How do you feel about going to work tomorrow?
    I really enjoy most of what I do and like the people work with
    I can take it or leave it
    I have the bottle of Tylenol out already in anticipation of another week of insanity
    Hate, loathe, despise and abominate

  8. In the past year, have you been having thoughts of leaving the company? Have you perhaps sent out some resumes?
    I've just started thinking of a change but haven't done anything about it yet
    I should have left the company a week after I got the job

  9. When you think of leaving your current position, do you get fearful because you are too old to change, don't have the right education or experience, or feel there isn't the right job for you elsewhere?
    No. I am confident I can make a successful career change
    I may experience some fear but will eventually make the move
    Yes. Fear has kept me from trying to leave
    Reality is reality. No one else will hire me. I'm a loser.

  10. When I suggest a new approach to a project or a current method of operation
    Management is receptive to my ideas and encourages them
    Management listens to some of my ideas but hasn't implemented any
    I have learned to keep it to myself. No one pays any attention
    The management philosophy of this company is simple: Do it their way. Period!
Your Score 

Below 27 Points
You are dissatisfied. Examine your options. It might be time to move. Develop a plan to change your position within the company and for seeking a position elsewhere.

30 to 43 Points
You are coping (for now). Clarify your goals and reassess your priorities.

45 to 50 Points
High job satisfaction. Congratulations!