20 Second Quiz Exercise 3.1

What you need:
     An assistant to read you the questions.
     A watch with a second-hand for the assistant to time your responses.

Instructions to assistant:
     Read each question out loud to the job seeker. Time how long it takes him/her to answer.
     They must also answer the Why? portion of the question within the same 20-seconds.

     Read these instructions
     Can you answer the following questions in 20 seconds with a fluid and succinct responses?
     No uhms, pauses, throat clearing, looking at the ceiling or hot air.

  Was the question answered?
  Yes No Time
1.   What type of work do you want and why?          
2.   What kind of company do you want to work for?          
3.   What type of boss do you want and why?          
4.   What type of fellow workers do you want and why?          
5.   What are your skill strengths?          
6.   In what areas do you need to improve?          
7.   What are your personal traits?          
8.   What personality traits do you dislike in fellow workers and why?          
9.   What compensation are you looking for and why?          
10.   What are your short and long term goals and how are you going to reach them?          
11.   What is the one behavior that you feel has contributed to your career success and describe a time or specific situation where you applied this behavior.