Mr. Fred Coon, President
          FEC Enterprises, Inc.
          1234 West M St.
          Phoenix, AZ 85037

  1. Relationship with Candidate at last position: Worked under Candidate in Alabama working for Allcrest Pipeline Construction Company. Worked not only for him but also with him as a peer. Both were in a consulting capacity.

  2. Strengths: Candidate has a very broad knowledge base of construction, engineering, field procedures and all the requisite skills needed to identify and solve problems. Candidate was involved with a lot of technical and environmental issues. Candidate was the overall program manager charged with responsibility to get the company out of hot water with the Department of Energy and the US Congress. He pulled people together and saw that they stayed focused.

    He had a lot of inexperienced people working for him and it required him to take technical staff with very little knowledge or direction and bring them up to speed quickly. He did an excellent job and when he left it was a self-running program. Candidate spent about half his time in the field in the trenches and half in the office.

  3. Weaknesses: Very goal and task oriented and drives himself a little too hard.

  4. Accomplishments: (example) At Allcrest, he took a company under litigation and staggering revenue losses with high pressure to stop the bleeding and when he finished they had credibility, trust of the government, state regulatory agencies and the field personnel of Allcrest Pipeline Co. At the Nordstrom Nuclear facility, he worked with a diverse number of groups, each with its own agenda, to get them to pull together on difficult tasks. Candidate was totally responsible for entire program.

  5. Ethical/Honest : Absolutely

  6. Left employment because: Contract expired

  7. I would hire (not hire) him again because: The way he is able to work with both employees and management to build a team that produces.

  8. Overall Opinion: Candidate would be an asset to any company.

  9. Ability to Perform: Intelligent person with excellent performance

  10. Work ethic: Exceptional

  11. Meet deadlines: Never know him to miss one.

  12. Ability to work under pressure and example: The Nordstrom Nuclear Facility was facing sanctions and fines by the NRC. Candidate developed a program the NRC recognized went above and beyond the issues and charges and caused the facility to receive a clean bill of health.

FINAL COMMENTS: Any company that would end up with the candidate will have a tremendous team player and a person able to get performance from all levels of personnel without adversarial nature of doing so.

This is an actual reference survey conducted by recruiters working for FEC Enterprises, Inc.