June 5, 2002

Good Morning:

I've been asked to provide a reference for Fred Coon. I believe Fred is a very accomplished marketing professional with a wide array of experience, particularly in the areas of database and direct marketing. Perhaps the best way to describe his ability is to cite a specific example of results he and his company, Direct Marketing Services, achieved for me.

When I met Fred, I was (title) for TourchHold Corporation, a start-up dot.com company. We had recently hired a sales force to handle inquiries, but our media advertising wasn't working. We needed to quickly generate inquiries. Fred developed a highly targeted direct mail program using both postal and email, delivering messages containing a specific offer to incent response and providing several convenient ways to respond. We literally began to get responses the same day the campaign dropped. The combination of postal and email provided both immediate and ongoing sources of inquiries. The program resulted in 1,120 postal inquiries at a cost of $84 each, and 1,764 email inquiries at $64 per inquiry, compared to a cost of over $1,200 each for the few inquiries generated through media advertising.

This is just one example of many inventive and successful direct marketing programs Fred developed and implemented on our behalf. I'd encourage you to give him the opportunity to achieve the same kind of results for your organization. Please contact me at 480-283-6234 if you would like to speak personally.

Yours truly,

Jeff Game
Company Name