The Interview Preparation Sheet Exercise 8.1.1










Mailing Address


The Week Before
      Do the pre-interview exercise
      Have business cards ready
      Do questions exercise
      Answer top 20 interview questions
      Find out about your interviews
      Get suit cleaned
      Should already be done
      SHARE stories
The Night Before

What to do:
      Review Job Description
      Review SHARE stories with somebody else
      Memorize interviewer's name
      Prepare clothing for the morning
      Shine shoes
      Check weather forecast
      What you will need for tomorrow
      SHARE exercises
      3 Resumes
      Your interview questions for them
      business cards
      appropriate interview dress
      folder and notetaking material
      breath mints or chewing gum
Last Minute Pointers
      Turn off phone and pager
      Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early
      Be nice to receptionist
      Ask as many questions as they ask you
      Tell at least 3 SHARE stories
      Secure a business card from everyone you meet
      Confirm another meeting or follow-up time
      Thank the interviewers
      Thank the receptionist on the way out
After the Interview is Over
      Complete the Post Interview Worksheet
      Write a follow-up thank-you letter to everyone you met.
      Write a thank you note to the person wh referred you.
      Follow up with a phone call if you committed to do it.
      Did you compare your notes to your company criteria list?
      Did you write down a list of items to improve on in your next interview?
      Dress appropriately      
      Come prepared      
      Be on time      
      Have confidence      
      Make good eye contact      
      Speak clearly      
      Be postive      
      Have good posture      
      Learn about the industry      
      Leave with a sincere thank you      
      Shake hands too hard or too soft      
      Wear too much smell      
      Be a know-it-all      
      Act passive      
      Lack confidence      
      Talk about past failures      
      Bad mouth past employer      
      Make excuses or be evasive      
      Focus on money or benefits      
      Be cynical      
      Have a condescending attitude      
      Over share      
      Be indecisive      
      Smoke or chew gum      
      Lack verbal experssion