Pre-Interview Worksheet Exercise 8.1


  Company Name: 

  Web Address: 

  Home Office Address: 

  Local Branch Office Address: 

  Name of CEO: 

  Name of President: 

Gather Information
      Do you have a brochure? 

Do you have a 10-K? 

Do you have a www address? 

Business Articles 

Key Contacts
      Who are your key contacts at this company? Include anyone with whom you have alreadyspoken.

Products and Services
      What are this company's main products and services?

What are the products and services at the locations/divisions that you are contacting?

      List at least 3 of this company's main competitors.

Who's Who

      Who in your network might have done business with or have contacts with this company?

      Summarize the nature of the company, its position in the market relative to its competitors, long and short term economic factors influencing its lines of business and its management reputation.

Job Description

What The Job Needs What You Have

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