Exercise 8.4
Interview Thank-You Letter

Dwight H. Gesson
14451 South 8th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85048-4440

Dear Ms. Klausen:

Thank you for including me in your interview schedule while you were in the Phoenix area. I feel like I gained further knowledge of Oscarmove Solutions and the regional sales manager position currently available.

It came as somewhat of a surprise that your western territory is generating such low sales volume. Based upon my research of you company, the competitors operating in this arena and the great products you offer, I believe the southwest territory has tremendous growth and, as of yet, untapped market potential.

At the conclusion of our interview we agreed that my candidacy is under strong consideration because of my requisite skills and past experiences in moving sales numbers quickly and profitably. I also feel that not only can I acquire new clients, but I can also deepen your market penetration in this territory and develop numerous profitable long-term relationships.

Your company needs, and my skills and proven track history in moving numbers, makes our future working relationship a good match. I would be proud to work for Oscarmove Solutions.

Again thank you very much for the opportunity to interview with Oscarmove. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Dwight Gesson